Aulakh History and facts
Sat Shri Akaal,
I was so happy to visit, the site created by you. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up.
Firstly, I wanted to input some of the facts about us "AULAKHS". As per my knowledge currently majority of our roots belong to Taran Taaran subdivision of Amritsar. There are 12 villages (Known as Baarah) which still belong to Aulakhs. I am listing the names of these 12 villages for up-dating info on There is a saying which my grandfather used to tell me that," On a very hot sunny day if, one could say out the names of all 12 villages in one breadth, a cool breeze would start blowing"
1. Boian Patti
2. Dial Rajput
3. Gulalipur
4. Jamalpur
5. Jhar Sahib
6. Kamalpur
7. Koharka
8. Mamanke
9. Miani
10. Shahbazpur
11. Vaan
12. Vegepur
Secondly, you have requested if any one knows about any famous personality from Aulakh family, Yes I know one personality. The first chief air marshal of the indian air force Arjan Singh Aulakh. I do not have his contacts, you may use your sources to find out about his where abouts.
Thirdly, there is a very famous place of worship in Shahbazpur. This is a Gurudwara of Baba Surjan Aulakh. Baba Surjan was disciple of Shri Guru Arjun Dev ji. There are legends about his honesty, dedication and faith in God. Which we should be proud of.
I will try to give you some more info. later as I can think of, till then keep-up good work.
Good luck
Capt. Karanjit S. Aulakh

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